It's a Wonderful Life  
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      It's a Wonderful Life 1946      
      The Martini family's home from 'It's A Wonderful Life' remains unchanged 77 years after the Christmas classic was filmed. Isn't it a miracle it is still there? The folks who live there had never seen the film....but they sure know about it now!      
      Harry's Party      
      After Harry's party, Uncle Billy drunkenly stumbles home. George starts to go back inside, when an enormous crash is heard, followed by Uncle Billy shouting "I'm alright! I'm allllllllll right!", and George laughing at it. As it happens, a crewman dropped a tray of props at that moment; Thomas Mitchell (who played Uncle Billy) quickly improvised as if he had just stumbled into some garbage cans. Jimmy Stewart's reactions in the scene are completely genuine.