It's a Wonderful Life  
  Karolyn's Biography  
On July 4, 1940, a baby girl was born in the Hollywood hospital, Hollywood, Caifornia. As she was growing up, her mother gave her many lessons, singing, dancing, drama, violin and piano. By the time she was 4, she had an agent and went to her first interview. She got the part! And so it began...a childhood of wonder and excitement.
So at the tender age of 4, Karolyn began memorizing lines and acting in the fantasy world of cinema. She worked with film legends John Wayne, Cary Grant, Bing Crosby, Loretta Young, Fred MacMurray, Betty Grable, Dany Kaye, and of course, Jimmy Sewart and Donna Reed.

Karolyn's life has not always been wonderful. In fact, tragedy beset her early and often. Her Hollywood career ended in her teens when her mother died from early--onset Alzheimer's disease and her father was killed in an automobile accident. An only child, Karolyn was sent by the court to live in tiny Osceola, MO. Living in a less than desirable home, she found support from the townspeople, and, through their love and encouragement, Karolyn decided to get an education and became a medical technician.

She eventually married and had two little girls. The marriage ended in divorce. A few years later he was killed in a hunting accident. Karolyn then married a man who had three children. They had two more together, so Karolyn raised a family of seven children. But her greatest tragedy was yet to come. Her 18 year old son committed suicide. Karolyn describes this time in her life as the most devastating. As she climbed out of despair, her husband of 25 years died from lung cancer.

After his death, the rebirth of interest in "It's a Wonderful Life" had begun. Karolyn discovered she liked traveling for the film. She learned so many folks had been touched in such a positive way by this film and their lives forever changed. That became her focus