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George Throop and Karolyn stand together, with just a tiny wisp of the incredible view in the distance.


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M y "Walk of Fame" at the Shooting Star Lavender Farm

One of the lavender fields on the hillside overlooking the lush valley.

I was invited to the Shooting Star Lavender Farm in Clatskanie, Oregon. My hosts were George and Debbie Throop. George is a most creative man and has a soft place in his heart for Hollywood. He is an artist, carpenter, cook, designer, engineer, collector and very knowledgeable about flowers and most especially lavender.

On the "Walk of Fame", George, Karolyn and Debbie look at the freshly made prints in the concrete.

He has incorporated a Hollywood "Walk of Fame" on his farm. Along with the purple fields of the lavender, he has on his property a 200 year old tree that is like a huge umbrella that covers a "thinking bench". This area offers a great place to contemplate life. But the icing on the cake is the view. From his 100 year old house, he has a vista of a lush, fertile valley. The Clatskanie, River wanders through the many green fields to the Columbia River.

While looking out at the sea of lavender surrounding me, I had the honor of placing my handprints and footprints in the concrete next to Jimmy Stewart.
Many of the fans of IAWL came to visit and to enjoy the lavender tea that George had prepared. George has many items for sale that he offers on his website shootingstarlavender.com. If you are in the area, be sure and schedule a visit to Clatskanie and don't miss the opportunity to check out this wonderful farm and the collection of Hollywood memorabilia that George and Debbie house.



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