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A Christmas Eve Adventure

December the 24th arrived in the rain. Some of my grandchildren and children had gathered at our house and then the adventure started. There was a knock on the door and there stood a handsome tall man named Nick, who was to be our chauffeur for the evening. He gathered us into his big Christmas vehicle on wheels and off we went into the night.

The stunning arc-shaped youth building at His Place.

We arrived at a destination called His Place. There were folks lined up waiting in the rain for the doors to open. I was amazed. His Place is a community church where there is a building for the youth that is actually an ark. The inside is likened to the arrangement that you would find in an ark. Perhaps in Noah's?

I was to be a surprise, so I was just an ordinary person to arrive and be seated in the sanctuary. Lo and behold, I was suddenly caught up in the excitement of what surprise the congregation would find from their Pastor, Bruce Wersen. A surprise being an annual Christmas Eve tradition for his congregation as well as for the folks who come from miles around.

The theme for the evening was It's a Wonderful Life. There was fabulous music from a rock band and several talented singers kept our spirits soaring. There was a trivia contest about the film and clips were shown from the movie.

The congregation is showered with rose petals!

Paster Bruce started telling about how we all see things differently. He used as an example, a favorite Christmas ornament that he thought was beautiful but others did not. Through his words we were brought together as one to celebrate the birth of Christ. He incorporated Zuzu's Petals throughout his sermon. When he finished he brought me up and introduced me to the congregation. Then, from special cannons in the ceiling, beautiful silk rose petals came showering down upon all the people.

What a wonderful night!



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