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M y Wonderful Surprise: My Visit to Colorado Springs

I was looking forward to my appearance in Colorado Springs but I had no idea that I would receive such a wonderful surprise.

Phil Erklen, Master of Ceremonies, President of the International Music Syndicate

I arrived at the Broadmoor Hotel and Chris and I got unpacked and then we were treated to a wonderful dinner at the hotel. Our host was a very talented and creative man, Phil Erklen. He not only brought us in for an appearance but made it possible for me to see my dear friend Lynette Marrs who lives in the Springs. Phil included her in all the functions that he had planned.

The next day I was taken to the Good News Piano and Organ Inc. where Phil maintains his music studios. I met and greeted many people who never let anything slip about what was about to happen to me.

At my appearance I talked to the audience telling them about the making of the movie, It's a Wonderful Life. I watched some very gifted music students perform. Then a little Zuzu came out and sang one of my favorite songs. Her name is Whitney Hayes. Her personality shined and her talent was evident as she sang dressed as the little Zuzu.

Whitney Hayes, Phillip Keveren and Karolyn

The evening was also enhanced by the appearance of two little boys 6 and 7 years old, who played the violin. Brothers, Jacob and Jeno Saghi, are extremely talented youngsters who have very capably conquered the challenge of playing the music of Bach. Joel Smith performed perfectly as she accompanied these two bright little boys.

I was astonished at the talent that Allison McIntire displayed as she played her passionate music on the Yamaha conservatory grand piano. But my astonishment was just beginning....

Phil announced that he had asked the renowned composer Phillip Keveren to compose a song... just for me. As it turned out Yamaha had flown Mr. Keveren into the Springs. As he approached the piano I started to have goose bumps. The composition is titled ZuZu... Angels, Bells and Petals. Phil read a dedication from Chris that appears in the music. I was very moved and the tears started to fall. Then as I heard the melody of the music begin with the tinkle of tiny bells....I just melted.

My heart was so touched that so many people had been involved in this wonderful gift and I had no inkling about it. These wonderful souls had given their time and a part of themselves to present me with this wonderful tribute.

My tears flowed as I listened to love flow from the music that I will keep in my heart always. I saw this little face on the cover of the music and I found out it was painted by a very talented artist from England. She captured the magic of ZuZu. Her name is Claire Kitcher. Her capable hands and her intuitiveness made it all come together.

This tribute was perhaps the greatest gift that I have ever been given. I feel so privileged to have had so many people give of themselves for me. I have included a picture of this wonderful composition. It is a piano solo and includes biographies regarding every one involved.

Thank you Phil Erklen for having the music of kindness and love in your heart but most of all for practicing the main message from the movie, that each man's life touches another.

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