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F rancie's Quilt

Francie's Quilt lovingly made of all things IAWL

Francie Skarich is a huge fan of "It's a Wonderful Life" and has become a dear friend. Years ago at Christmastime, she started sending me a European speciality pastry called potica (pronounced po-TEET-sa) bread. It's rolled, and inside are brown sugar, nuts and all kinds of goodies. It is so delicious! I heat it, slather it with butter, then yum! In December 2001, she sent three
for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. They freeze well.

For some time now, she also has sent me lovely little Christmas gifts she made herself. Her glass bell ornaments included one on which she hand painted my face as Zuzu and wrote my line, "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings." Last year, she put rose petals inside the ornaments.

Her son is a priest. She helps him by making and refurbishing doll clothes to give to children and contributes other talents in his parish.

Angels, Bells, and a photo of the Bailey family

Last Christmas, she really topped them all. This handmade quilt measures 35-by-48 inches. It is all about Zuzu and the film. She hand-stitched angels holding roses and, of course, one holding potica bread. Each square has real bells so that the quilt always jingles. Movie stills and a copy of her Zuzu Society certificate are printed and hand-sewn on this beautiful piece.

An autographed photo

The colors are primarily red and green, with touches of navy blue. The underside features little angels shaped like bells.

Francie has learned all about giving- she gives of herself. she certainly has earned her wings! It is an honor to call her my friend.



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